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DCG-SMS was formed when the David Consulting Group (founded 1994) acquired the assets of the SMS Exemplar Group (founded 1994) in September 2012, creating the largest independent specialist in applications development and maintenance processes. DCG-SMS has a head office in Blackpool, UK. We are part of the David Consulting Group, which is based in Philadelphia USA.

We have been Specialist Software Development and IT Consulting Providers since 1994. We are the Industry’s leading independent provider of Software Sizing, Metrics, Benchmarking, and Process Improvement.

Our team is comprised of full-time employees and independent consultants, providing services across the UK and Europe.

Our specialist team brings years of industry experience and expertise in quantitative methods to your application development and maintenance issues. We are always at the forefront of industry practices, designing and delivering services that exceed our customers’ expectations.



Alan Cameron, Managing Director

Alan Cameron became Managing Director of DCG-SMS on the merger of DCG Ltd and SMS Exemplar Ltd. in 2012. He was formerly Managing Director of DCG Ltd, appointed in 2011. 

Alan Cameron has more than 20 years experience working in IT. He started on the client side within the UK Inland Revenue and has had many roles ending as the Metrics Estimating and Process Lead for HP Applications Services in EMEA. In this role his team supported many hundreds of projects in a wide variety of industries.

Before it was taken over by HP Mr. Cameron held a similar role in EDS where he built a team of CFPS counters and expert estimators all across EMEA. As part of his work Alan has helped to build major bids based on linking success to delivered value. To achieve this he has driven the development and implementation of measurement programs in mature and immature process organizations.

Early in his EDS career he was instrumental in the development of a measurement based performance system covering 28 different work areas in the contract with a major government department. Subsequent to that role Alan was part of the IT strategy organization helping the client to re-engineer its business. During this project he mentored senior client executives enabling them to re-examine the refocus their business in line with the latest technology, thereby maximizing the value of their IT spend.

Before joining EDS Alan was the requirements manager for significant parts of the UK Self Assessment program, where he concentrated on Management Information and Compliance areas of the business. Previously, he worked on a specialist project during which the entire core business of the Inland Revenue was analyzed using OO techniques. The resulting logical business model was a core component for over ten years of business and IT development.

Mr. Cameron is an IT-CMF Tier 2 Associate. He holds a BSC degree and PhD in Physiology from Queen’s University Belfast.


SKitching _crop

Steve Kitching, Metrics and Estimating Specialist 

Steve Kitching has 20 years experience in applications development and maintenance, with experience in all elements of the IT system lifecycle from requirements analysis to capacity planning to technical analysis and design to production support and management.

Steve joined DCG-SMS in 2012 from HP, where he was engaged as a metrics and estimating specialist. 

Steve worked for HP, and before it EDS, since 1996, joining EDS as an Analyst/Programmer. He played various roles over his years at EDS, including  senior technical support for ALS teams working to the DSS; and Data Migration Manager where he was responsible for the high level Migration design, recruiting and managing the Migration team and for customer liaison at a senior level.

Steve holds a BSc(Hons) in Statistics from Newcastle University.


DCG-SMS Associates:

Alison Marsden

Independent metrics practioner, with extensive experience in project and programme delivery, process improvement and security management. 

CW Associates

Independent metrics practioner and advisor in  IT organisational and management processes, value and performance measurement, risk assessment, governance, IT and systems strategy, and information and knowledge management. 


Specialists in Project Management, and CMMI and TickITplus based Process Improvement.


World leaders in the transformation of organisational operating models and cultures using Sense and Respond methods which are based on the robust principles of Adaptive, Learning and Lean Organisations.

"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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