Training: Function Points & SNAP

These training classes teach the IFPUG or COSMIC function point and/or SNAP counting techniques. You will learn to perform your own counts via intensive instruction and hands-on practical application facilitated by one of our highly qualified and experienced trainers.

DCG has been teaching function point counting classes to individuals and companies for more than 20 years. 

Function Points:

Our Function Points class accelerates your comprehension of the Function Point Analysis technique. The class can cover IFPUG or COSMIC techniques.

In the class, you will learn how to:

  • Apply IFPUG counting practices and rules to various technologies and environments
  • Utilize Use Cases as an aid in counting function points
  • Count Client-Server, GUI, OO, Web/e-Business, and Data Warehouse applications
  • Understand the principles, implications, and differences behind these techniques and environments

SNAP (the Software Non-Functional Assessment Process) provides a quantifiable measure for the non-functional size of software. As such, attendees will learn to size non-functional characteristics by means of documented definitions, guidance, and practices in order to improve software estimation, build better benchmarks, and better communicate non-functional issues to stakeholders.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The principles behind SNAP counting techniques
  • How to apply the SNAP process to both applications and projects
  • How SNAP points and function points can be used in conjunction for maximum benefit

These classes are ideal for the software practitioner or project manager who needs or wants to learn IFPUG or COSMIC function point and SNAP counting techniques. They are instructor-based training classes that provide a general understanding of function point and SNAP counting techniques, while also preparing attendees to start performing counts. Unlike similar classes, our classes provide intensive instruction and hands-on practical application facilitated by one of our highly qualified and experienced trainers.

Consulting Services:

The services featured on this page are standard, packaged offerings developed from years of experience working with clients across various industries. These services are proven to be effective, but we understand that they may not fully meet your specific needs. We often get requests to develop customized offerings based on the fundamentals of an existing service(s), and we’d be delighted to discuss your particular situation. Please contact Toni Crittenden at +719.582.2002 to discuss your options.

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  • Article: Story Points or Function Points or Both?

The Insights section of our website features additional reference materials. Visit it to find more information on this topic. 


For more information, contact Toni Crittenden at +719.582.2002.

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