What Should Every Client of Outsourced Software Know About Mitigating the Risk of Project Failure?

IT Governance is key for any effective IT program or team. It's important to define what decisions need to be made, who should make them and how they should be made. This process helps in reducing risks, setting priorities and increasing communication.

One of the biggest areas that business and IT providers need to exercise strong governance over is outsourcing. Managing vendor relationships and deliverables can be a difficult process, as most of us already well know. 

But, we've got you covered! This month's Trusted Advisor report reviews the most significant risks of outsourcing software development and offers up some mitigation strategies.

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Do Software Defect Backlogs Really Matter if the Software is Actively Being Used?

The latest Trusted Advisor report, from DCG’s research team, has been published! The members of Trusted Advisor submit questions to be researched, voting each month on their favorite. This month’s winner is, “Do Software Defect Backlogs Really Matter if the Software is Actively Being Used?”

Of course, this report assumes that a software defect backlog already exists within an organization. Ultimately, it comes to the conclusion that there is no way to know if a particular defect backlog matters without further analysis; thus, the report recommends an approach for conducting said analysis.

As a reminder, the second collection of Trusted Advisor research, “The DCG Trusted Advisor Anthology 2014 Edition,” is now available on Amazon. Let us know what you think!


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The DCG Trusted Advisor Anthology 2014 Edition

DCG Trusted Advisory AnthologyWe’re excited to share that “The DCG Trusted Advisor Anthology 2014 Edition” is now available on Amazon! Currently only the e-book is available for purchase; a print edition will be available later this year.

The 2013 anthology proved to be quite popular! A number of people reported using the anthology as a reference to quickly address some of their IT issues or in developing their strategy for the future. We hope that the 2014 anthology is just as useful!

The 2014 anthology contains 12 research reports, written by the DCG Consulting Team. Sample reports in the collection include:

  • Is There a Business Case for Better Estimation?
  • Can Agile Be Used to Rescue a Troubled Project?
  • How Much of a Problem is Technical Debt and What Should We Do About it?

All of the reports were published in 2013 via the DCG Trusted Advisor service. Trusted Advisor is a members-only forum, open to all IT professionals, that addresses the complex concerns IT professionals face, providing easy-to-understand research that guides decision-making and offers a competitive advantage. Members can submit IT-related questions to a list. Each month, members can vote on the question from the list that they want to have researched. The question with the most votes is then researched by the DCG team, resulting in a 2-5 page research report. The reports are published on the DCG website each month – for anyone to read – but only members can submit and vote on the research questions.

More information about Trusted Advisor is available on the here. 

If you purchase the anthology, let us know what you think! We’d love to hear any feedback that you have!

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Are Estimates Based on Historical Data or Subject Matter Experts Better?

This month’s Trusted Advisor report, written by Tom Cagley, Vice President of Consulting, addresses a popular question regarding estimation: Are Estimates Based on Historical Data or Subject Matter Experts Better?

There are a number of different estimation techniques, from model-based to composite to learning-oriented. However, only expertise-based methods are not based on a model or mathematical network generated from collections of historical data.  Expertise-based estimation is, by far, the most popular form of estimation in use today.

This report examines the question at hand, to see if the popular choice (expertise-based estimation) is the “better” choice. Ultimately, we conclude that estimates generated from models leveraging historical data in calibrated tools are the only logical choice. Read the full report to see how we reached this conclusion.

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How Can I Manage a Project’s Productivity?

Management Team
This month’s Trusted Advisor report answers the question, “How can I manage a project’s productivity – should I even try?” Assuming all other variables remain the same, increased productivity reduces overall costs, saving companies potentially large sums of money. Thus, it’s understandable that increased productivity would be a priority for an organization.

This report provides guidance as to how a company can better manage and improve its software productivity. In doing so, we examine productivity primarily through a project management perspective. That said, we consider the strategic or top-down perspective and the tactical or bottom-up perspective separately.

To find out more, read the Trusted Advisor report, “How Can I Manage a Project’s Productivity or Should I Even Try?”

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"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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