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Tips for Implementing a Quality Model

PatA lot of companies consider implementing a quality model and run into a specific barrier that derails their entire initiative. This may come as a surprise, but that barrier is that the process of choosing the “right” quality model can be overwhelming!

As a CMMI and TMMi consultant, I understand how these companies feel, but I also know that with a few simple considerations, choosing the right quality model for your organization becomes much easier.

So, how do you choose a quality model that you’re confident in? I’ve written “Tips for Implementing a Quality Model” to address just that question. The article discusses how to identify the business objective driving your implementation, how to identify the key factors for success and then a few additional considerations that you’ll want to make.

Don’t let the seemingly overwhelming selection of a quality model prevent you from improving your organization’s quality management. Heed my advice – and feel free to leave your own in the comments – and your quality model implementation is sure to succeed!

Read it now: Tips for Implementing a Quality Model

Pat Eglin
Certified Intro to CMMI Instructor and TMMi Consultant

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