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SEPG North America: Our Thoughts


Last week David Consulting Group attended the CMMI Institute’s SEPG North America as an exhibitor. Mike Harris, DCG President, and David Herron, Vice President of Software Performance Management, were both present. Below are their thoughts on this year’s conference. Spoiler alert: We’ll be back next year!

Mike Harris, President

I was delighted to see lots of new faces and new companies at the conference, both amongst the attendees and the speakers.  It’s great to see the conference moving forward under the stewardship of the CMMI Institute.

My biggest impression from the conference was the impact of Agile on the industry and on the CMMI Institute.  It was only a couple of years ago that we were seeing presentations about the compatibility of CMMI and Agile, with some debate over whether or not they could truly work in combination (we believed – and believe – that they can).  I felt that we finally put that issue behind us at this conference, which seemed to be full of presentations about successful Agile processes and Agile experiences in the context of CMMI.  

Specifically around the DCG table in the exhibit hall, we had a lot of interest in our Agile capabilities but a good number of visitors also picked up information about TMMi. Our suggestion that TMMi could be a very focused starting point for CMMi resonated with several people – particularly for organizations new to structured process improvement and worried that CMMI  would be too much to swallow (or sell to management) as a starting point.

Overall, it was great conference. I enjoyed interacting with the attendees and finding out what’s at the top of people’s minds these days – obviously Agile!

David Herron, VP of Software Performance Management

I really enjoyed the CMMI Institute’s conference this year.  From a vendor perspective, the flow of traffic in the exhibit area was excellent. There were many opportunities to speak with and to interact with conference attendees.

From a participant perspective, the wide range of presentation topics actually made it difficult to choose which presentation to attend, knowing that one good session would be sacrificed by attending another. Of course, this is a personal preference observation, but I was pleased to see a number of topics devoted to Agile, as well as numerous topics dealing with the practical application of metrics. Enterprise-wide Agile appeared to be among the more popular Agile topics. Scaling Agile methods to fit large development organizations using such practices as SAFe provided some worthwhile information.

The format for the presentations was interesting. The workshop sessions were each scheduled for 90 minutes and within each session there were usually three or four 20+ minute related talks presented by different individuals. Twenty minutes isn’t enough time to have an in-depth discussion on a particular topic, but it works well for introducing the material and if one is interested, there is always room for follow up with the presenter in between presentations. 

We all agreed that we will definitely be back next year. I am excited to see how the conference continues to grow and what topics will be at the forefront in a year’s time.

Mike Harris and David Herron
David Consulting Group


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The CMMI Conference


May 6th and 7th you’ll be able to find DCG at the CMMI Conference: SEPG North America in Tysons Corner, VA. DCG will be available at booth #16, as a certified partner of the CMMI Institute and provider of CMMI consulting and appraisal services.

“DCG has led a number of companies to successful Maturity Level 2 and 3
assessments, and in doing so, we’ve seen firsthand the value that the CMMI
frameworks can bring to an organization, providing increased insight into
and control over its work activities,” said Mike Harris, DCG President.
“SEPG North America is an opportunity for us to directly share our
experiences with others to demonstrate how and when
CMMI can be an appropriate tool for process improvement.
We encourage attendees to stop by our booth to learn more about
how we implement CMMI, by speaking with our practitioners firsthand.”

Mike Harris and David Herron, Vice President of Software Performance Management, will both be available at the company booth. All those who stop by will also have the opportunity to win an iPad Mini!

The conference, hosted by the CMMI Institute, helps practitioners explore how to use CMMI frameworks to improve performance and the bottom line for their organizations. More information about David Consulting Group’s Software Quality Management offerings, including CMMI, is available on the company website

To learn more about DCG's CMMI engagements, check out some of our case studies:

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SEPG 2013 – A Success!

As I admitted in my previous blog post, I was anxious to see how this year’s SEPG conference would turn out in its first year under the CMMI Institute. Well, I’m happy to report that the conference is now over, and it was definitely a success!

We had a booth at the conference, and we were pleased to see a lot of new faces this year (though we were happy to see familiar faces too)!


This year’s conference had great attendance and it was a good mix of seasoned and new attendees. The CMMI Institute clearly put a lot of work into making some improvements over the previous events, including the “lightening talks.” This presentation format of 20 slides with 5 seconds per slide challenged presenters to share their information at a faster pace, but also did a lot to make the presentations more informative and interesting. And, by holding the lightening talks in in the same location as the snacks during breaks, attendance was good as well!

As with any conference, is there room for improvement? Of course! But, I can confidently say that DCG will be back next year – and we hope to see you there!

Until then, if we met at the conference and you’d like to connect or you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you!

If you’re interested, our photos from the conference are up on our Facebook page!


Pat Eglin
Certified Intro to CMMI Instructor and Consultant

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SEPG North America 2013

SEPG North America

After an absence of more than one year, SEPG North America is back – and DCG will be there! The conference aims to foster the professional development of individuals and the competitive advantage of organizations utilizing the CMMI model.

Previously, the SEPG conference series was hosted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The SEI, in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon, served as the stewards of the CMMI model. In 2013, stewardship of the model transferred to the CMMI Institute.

When the news came a year ago that the conference would be postponed from March 2013 to October 2013, we expressed our support, though there was some concern within the industry. We believed that the conference would benefit from the extra planning time, ensuring that it would return better than ever before.

Only time will tell if the conference meets expectations, but at DCG, we have high hopes. So far, the transition of the model from the SEI to the CMMI Institute has been a smooth one. Overall, we’re excited about the conference’s new format, featuring workshops, presentations, plenary sessions and lightening talks. We can’t wait to connect with some familiar faces and meet some new ones!

We will be exhibiting at the conference, so we hope you’ll stop by our booth – we’d love to hear your thoughts on the conference’s new format and chat about all things CMMI.

See you there!

Pat Eglin
Certified CMMI Consultant

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"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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