Randy Mott's Ideas on IT Strategy

As a reader of the various software development periodicals for a number of years, I have come across Randy Mott often.  Here is a guy in our field who knows who to get his name out there.  Well, if that's what he wants to do good luck to him. I recommend that you try to set aside the man (in Chris Murphy's article in the July 11, print edition of Informationweek) and try to focus on what he has to say because a lot of it makes sense to me.  The article includes ten of Mott's ideas but I just want to pick out the most value ones here:: 1. The Revenue of IT - for me this is about focusing on the net value that IT brings to the business 3. Fewer projects at once, Finish them faster - I have come to believe that the success of a project is inversely proportional to its duration.  Put another way, I defy any project to survive more than one reorganization of the company (and we all know how often they happen!). 6. No enhancements - In this case, the term enhancements is used to describe changes to applications that are done as part of maintenance.  I agree with Mott that this category of projects is usually poorly controlled and can gobble up resources and money.  Any change to an application should have to undergo the same investment analysis as any other project.

Written by Michael D. Harris at 17:43
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