Interesting 2011 data points

From CIO Magazine Special Report, "The State of the CIO 2011":

  • Third parties, including cloud vendors, provide 22% of IT Services today.  That number is expected to rise to 34% by 2015.
  • Average CIO tenure is 5 years, 2 months.  Slightly more if the CIO is focused on transforming the company or on strategy.  Slightly less if the focus is on operations.
  • An average of 5.2% of revenue is spent on IT but this ranges from 6.9% for small companies to 3.9% for mid-size companies and 4.6% for large companies.

For this latter metric, its interesting to speculate for large companies if economies of scale stop working or if they can afford value delivery systems that are out of the reach of the mid-size companies.

Written by Michael D. Harris at 15:46
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