Negotiating with Software Vendors

An interesting article in the December 6 edition of Computerworld included one of those intriguing side panels that I love where the author (Elisabeth Horwitt in this case) lists their top x key points.  Elisabeth listed a reasonable set of 8 "Negotiating Tips - Tactics and gotchas" but one leaped off the page at me: "When negotiating, make sure that you involve both an IT person who understands the software and a business person who understands contracts.  And make sure they talk to each other." I love it. Those simple sentences caused so many memories to cascade back into my mind that I laughed out loud.  What a simple rule for companies to live by.  Better still, the rule can be made multipurpose by substituting other words for those that I have underlined.  For example, substitute "development capacity" for "software" and  "actual requirements" for "contracts" or "resource constraints" for software and "laws of physics" for "contracts". Please send me your creative (clean) suggestions!

Written by Michael D. Harris at 19:04
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