Estimation: Which Model Works Better?

During my webinar series, Estimation Maturity, Methods and Metrics, I have received a few questions that deserve to be addressed with more detail here on our blog. One such question was, “Which model works better: A small team of experts who work on estimation or training the whole PM/BA community?”

The modality that will work for you may be very different from what will work for others. Some corporations have a very open culture, they encourage risk-taking and learning from mistakes. Others create a climate of fear, wherein mistakes are not permitted and chances should not be taken. And, of course, there is a whole spectrum in-between.

Choosing an estimation model depends much on the culture and the organization’s history. If a prior change initiative to establish new practice X worked well using a small team approach, then I would try that with estimation.

If, however, your organization is broad, decentralized and federated with independent thinkers, it might work best to train the broader PM/BA community to adopt best practices and save the centralized functions for data gathering, vetting and reporting.

In either case, take stock of the culture around you and evaluate which approach is a better fit. Then, look at past results, or try to change a small part of the organization first and use those success results to initiative wider change.

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Tony Timbol
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Written by Michael D. Harris at 07:29
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