CMMI still relevant? SEPG 2012

So, once again, DCG will be attending and exhibiting at the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) annual U.S. showcase for CMMI, the SEPG conference on March 12-15.  This year's venue is Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I will be attending, so if you will be there or in the area, please stop by to say hello. Below is a recent photo of me, so you can be sure you're talking to the right guy! This annual event does provoke some retrospection.  It is fair to ask if CMMI is still as relevant as it was when it was created as CMM, or even after it morphed into CMMI.  Certainly, we are still hearing about struggling software development groups who can use some of all of the best practices outlined by CMMI.  But, implementing best practices is not the same as adopting CMMI, and while we at DCG are committed to the benefits that CMMI can deliver for our clients, how is the industry responding?  SEI has some interesting data which shows that demand for CMMI appraisals continues to grow.  It's certainly true that growth is being led outside the U.S., primarily in China, but there is no evidence that demand is shrinking in the U.S.  Indeed, last year the U.S. government renewed its funding of the SEI at a higher level.  If you missed it, you might be interested in listening to this joint CMMI Relevance Webinar by Pat Eglin of DCG and Mike  Konrad of SEI. Of course, one of the possible challenges to the continuing relevance of CMMI is the growth of agile software development.  But in reality, agile and CMMI can and should be complementary.  Tom Cagley did  a nice CMMI and Agile presentation in 2011 that is worth reading on this topic.  It concludes with the following quote from Alistair Cockburn, "If one has strong discipline without agility, the result is bureaucracy and stagnation.  Agility without discipline is the unencumbered enthusiasm of a startup company before it has to turn to a profit."  Looking forward to attending SEPG - stop by booth #8 to chat and share your opinion about the relevancy of CMMI. Check out DCG on LinkedIn for more information on what we do and how we can help you! Mike Harris DCG President

Written by Michael D. Harris at 11:00



"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
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