SEPG 2013 Moved to Fall as part of CMMI Transition

This morning we received an announcement that the 2013 SEPG conference will be held in the fall instead of the spring, as it is every year. Previously hosted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), SEPG is a long-standing tradition within the CMMI community, and DCG, as well as many of our clients and friends, attend the conference each year.

As we’ve previously discussed, the SEI is in the process of transferring the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) from the SEI to a new unit within Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

While we are supportive of the transition and still believe in the value and importance of CMMI as a process improvement methodology, we are approaching this period with hesitation.

SEPG is an annual conference that has been attended by many for years. The conference has traditionally been held in the spring, and many of us plan for that, scheduling other commitments around it.

The fact that this year’s conference date has been moved from the fall imageraises a few concerns about the organization of the transition. The message from the SEI states that the postponement is to allow for a more thorough transition in advance of the conference; however, given that this conference is always held in the spring, we would have hoped that the SEI and CMU could have better prepared themselves for the transition with the SEPG conference in mind.

DCG will still be attending SEPG, and the actual date of the conference doesn’t really matter. Continuity and momentum are important, and so far this is the only sign we’ve seen of slippage. What do think?


Mike Harris
DCG President

Written by Michael D. Harris at 13:34
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