IT Cost Management: Out of the Ivory Tower and into the Fire!


IT Cost Management should be more than making sure your checks don’t bounce when you buy the latest technologies; it should be a competitive weapon. That was the basis for the ½ day workshop I conducted at the IT Financial Management Conference in Savannah on July 9th. Joining me was Catherine Crowley, Innovation Value Institute Researcher and my co-presenter.

During the workshop, we reviewed the fundamental financial building blocks of the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF), a heavily researched framework that focuses on the business value of IT. At DCG ,we are outcome-oriented and technique agnostic - we care about getting results for our clients. We have found the IT-CMF to be a unique, holistic approach for a CIO to align IT investments with business value.

Based on the written feedback forms from participating IT finance practitioners, those actually managing IT finances for corporations both large and small, IT Cost Management, as assessed by IT-CMF, can add business value. Furthermore, five management level professionals expressed interest in signing up their companies for IVI-led Validation Workshops - the next step in the process of delivering greater business value. These workshops exercise the assessment methods of IT Cost Management and provide real insight into these corporations' IT finance functions.

IT-CMF is applicable for any organization, and the inherent IT finance diagnostic capabilities of an assessment can help an organization start the internal discussion on how to make IT a competitive weapon. After all, no one has money to burn, least of all IT.

Learn more about our IT Finance Diagnostic Workshop.

Tony Timbol
Vice President

Written by Tony Timbol at 05:00
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