Mastering IT Project Management

MikeI have just finished reading the latest book by Murali Chemuturi, “Mastering IT Project Management,” (J Ross Publishing, 2013). It is a comprehensive collection of all the considerations that need to be made by a project manager for a successful IT project.

It is a quick and easy read, which also makes it a valuable reference book.    

Part of the completeness of the book derives from the extensive appendices that include useful artifacts (many of which are downloadable from the publishers website) and explanations of some key aspects of management (e.g. people management) that will be familiar to most readers but handy to have as a concise refresher without the need to find and refer to other sources.

With such a comprehensive coverage, it’s hard to single out favorites, but I particularly like the discussion in Chapter 2 of the pros and cons of different approaches (ad-hoc, process, schedule, hybrids) to project management in the context of IT projects. The book has a good treatment of sizing of the IT system to be implemented by its component parts to ensure that the solution is designed for the appropriate performance metrics. 

I also think that separating “Project Control” as an important activity that is part of, but separate from, project management is very valuable. The final chapter on what can go wrong helps to validate everything that goes before and put it into “real world” context. As if to prove the point, I found myself referring back to the previous text to read it more carefully for a solution to the “real world” challenge.

The only omission of note that I can see is that the book does not mention cloud or SaaS as options or considerations for IT Project Management. The smart reader will keep this in mind and still reap considerable benefits from the book as it stands.  

Mike Harris
DCG President

Written by Michael D. Harris at 05:00
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