Agile Myth: You Don’t Need a Project Manager Anymore

TonyAgile, as the next way of doing software development, is becoming more and more mainstream for a variety of reasons. However, some myths regarding discipline and management around Agile methods are becoming increasingly prevalent – and one of those myths is that you don’t need a project manager anymore.

The Agile way of organizing and planning work require a level of discipline from all team members. And while Agile teams are self-organizing team, that shouldn’t be confused with self-managing. As a matter of fact, self-managing teams don’t really exist; they are a fantasy of software anarchists who think you don’t need someone in charge to make decisions.

The functions of a project manager are still necessary, but the role is adapted to fit the Agile model.

Project management responsibilities are split across the members of the SCRUM team

  • Product owner: Responsible for managing the release scope and date, managing the budget, communicating progress and managing the stakeholders
  • Team: Responsible for identifying, estimating, and managing the tasks
  • SCRUM Master: Responsible for leading and motivating

Therefore, rather than centralizing the responsibilities into one individual project manager position, Agile allows the entire team to share the role; so, in essence, the team becomes the project manager.

Do you agree? Is there still a place for project management in the Agile framework?

Tony Timbol
Vice President

Written by Tony Timbol at 05:00
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