Free Access to Trusted Advisor Reports

Are you familiar with Trusted Advisor, our members-only forum that addresses the complex concerns Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) professionals face in the industry?

Here’s how Trusted Advisor works:

  • At any time, members can submit an ADM-related question to the backlog, which is accessible to all members.
  • Each month, members can vote on the question that they most want to have researched.
  • At the end of each month, DCG’s research team produces a written report addressing the question with the most votes.

Some of the questions addressed in the reports include:

  • Can Agile Be Used to Rescue a Troubled Project?
  • Why is it So Difficult for Organizations to Get an Accurate Estimate?
  • What Are Agile Best Practices and What Does the Future Hold?

Previously, these reports were only accessible to members of Trusted Advisor; however, we’ve decided to open up access to anyone and everyone! These reports address popular industry topics, and thus the research may be useful to a wider audience outside of just the members of Trusted Advisor.

Of course, only members have the ability to submit and vote on the questions to be researched. So, if you are interested in taking part in that process, please join and take part – it’s free!

If you’re interested in accessing the reports, they are now located in the Publications section of our website. We hope you find them useful, and if you do, let us know!

Sarah Weddle
Marketing Director

Written by Sarah Weddle at 05:00
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Robson said...
That's an apt answer to an inetnestirg question
November 14, 2015 05:03


"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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