I attended IFPUG’s ISMA 9 conference in Madrid on the 27th of March. There were over 150 delegates with, as you might expect, a strong percentage of Spanish attendees.

The conference offered the opportunity to take both the CFPS (FP) and CSP (SNAP) examinations, and both Tom Cagley and I took the challenging CSP exam. DCG is an authorized provider of Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) consulting and training, and it was interesting to see that other companies are noticing the benefits of the framework as well.

The key message of the conference was “Measuring for Business,” and a number of thought provoking speakers really drilled home the importance of why clients need to find some measure of size to inform and validate provider estimates, and that benchmarking provides valuable insight into getting value for money for your organisation.

Another interactive demonstration focused on why estimates improve with the more information that you have – amazing what you can do with a pair of scissors and paper rings!

Overall, the conference really emphasized the use of function points as the recognised industry measure, allowing you to look not only at your own organisational data, but also at the wider community to understand where you are in terms of productivity, cost and quality. DCG follows this approach with our “Measure. Optimise. Deliver.” approach to delivery.

The only lowpoint of the trip was a number of delegates, including Tom Cagley and myself, caught Spanish Flu! Otherwise, it was a successful trip to Madrid and a great conference from IFPUG.


Steve Kitching
Measurement and Estimating Specialist

Written by Steve Kitching at 05:00
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