The Qualitative Side of Benchmarking

DavidDate: August 21st, 2014
Time: 12:30pm EST
Presenter: David Herron, Vice President, Software Performance Management

Benchmarking is when an organization establishes a baseline for its software productivity and quality. Once a baseline is established, it can be compared to a future baseline or to an industry baseline.

With this information, an organization can more easily track its progress and determine what is working - and what's not.

Most organizations focus on quantitative benchmarks, but at DCG, we also provide a combination of quantitative and qualitative data for further insight into why certain projects are experiencing lower levels of performance.

Why Should You Care?

It’s important to know how effectively and efficiently you are developing and deploying software, your quantitative levels of performance. It is equally important to understand what the contributing factors are that result in your optimal or sub-optimal level of performance, the qualitative measures.

Join Us for a Webinar

Interested in learning more about how this benchmarking model can work for you? Join David Herron on August 21st for a webinar, where he will provide you with the data you need to improve your software development practices.

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"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG Owner

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