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The article, “Software Development Tooling,” in the November/December issue of IEEE Software offers a sort of recap of the publication’s long-running “Tools of the Trade” column (which is sadly going away).  After 10 years and 60 printed columns, that’s quite a wealth of information to pull from regarding trends around industry tools.

Ultimately, the summary indicates that the tools available in the development industry are plentiful and powerful. Below are two Figures from the column, which outline the eight themes found within the columns (Figure 1) and the specific tools mentioned and their uses (Figure 2).

Of course, you should definitely read the final installment of “Tools of the Trade” for yourself (and for further context).

We are surprised that some of these topics haven’t come up on Sporcle e.g. “Name 10 tools for performing static analysis.”


Tool Themes

Tools And Uses

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