CMO and IT Collaboration = Higher Software Value

Mike HarrisChief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have become one of the most frequent internal customers of IT departments in recent years. There has been an explosion in the use of technology by marketers as they have had to turn to online channels to reach their target audiences.

Digital marketing techniques, such as: interactive websites, mobile marketing, videos, email campaigns, search engine marketing/optimization, among others have become instrumental for marketers to get their messages in front of the right audiences and achieve their target revenue goals. 

In addition to the numerous digital marketing practices, there has also been a significant increase in the use of marketing automation tools, such as Hubspot and Pardot, to manage all of the moving parts of a marketing program; and also in CRM solutions, like, to help maximize the relationships of customers and prospects. Furthermore, marketers are relying on analytics to better understand how their programs are performing. With these tools, they know what’s working, what’s not working and are able to adjust appropriately throughout a campaign.    

As a result of this heavy reliance on technology, CMOs have had to turn to IT frequently to help determine which solutions best fit their needs. Whether purchasing a COTS solution or building a software application from scratch, the IT department can help the CMO clearly understand the technologies available to meet their objectives and maximize the business value from their software. 

To reap the most value from a software solution, the CMO and IT department need to collaborate. It is essential for IT to clearly understand marketing’s business requirements and ultimate goals in order to deliver a software solution that meets their value expectations. 

CMOs and IT are encouraged to utilize a methodology such as the 5-step Value Visualization Framework (VVF) to ensure they have a clear directive to discuss, define, measure, and prioritize their software development initiatives. The VVF process enables marketing and IT to jointly set goals, make data-based decisions and measure against those goals.  It drives greater alignment between IT and marketing through a common language about value and priorities; and can drive IT’s continuous alignment with marketing’s end objectives. 

What collaborative methods do you use to align your business units and IT?

Mike Harris
DCG President & CEO


Written by Michael D. Harris at 05:00
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