Can function points be counted/estimated from user stories

by: Lori Limbacher

Since the invention of Function Points (FPs) any time new development methods, techniques, or technologies are introduced the following questions always arise: “Can we still use FPs?”, “Do FPs apply?”, “How do we approach FP counting?”.  These questions came up around middleware, real-time systems, web applications, component based development, and object oriented development, to name a few.  With the increased use of Agile methodologies; therefore, the increased use of User Stories, these questions are being asked again.  It is good to ask these questions and have conversations to ensure that the use and application of FPs is consistent throughout the industry in all situations.  The short answers to the questions are: Can we still use FPs? YES.  Do FPs apply? YES.  How do we approach FP counting? The answer to this last question is what this article will address.

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