So what exactly is this #NoEstimates movement?

by: Tom Cagley

Estimation is one of the lightening rod issues in software development and maintenance. Over the past few years the concept of #NoEstimates has emerged and has become a movement within the Agile community. Due to its newness, #NoEstimates has several camps revolving around a central concept of not generating task level estimates.  The newness of the movement also means there are no (or very few) large example projects that can be used as references .  Finally there are no published quantitative studies of results comparing the results of work performed using #NoEstimates techniques to other methods.  In order to have a conversation we need to be begin by establishing a shared context and language across the gamut of estimating ideas whether Agile or not. Without a shared language that includes #NoEstimates we will not be able to compare the concept to classical estimation concepts.

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